Caregiver Counselling & Support

Do you feel like your life is in a constant state of upheaval? Does it seem like your life revolves around the person for whom you are caring? Is your health declining due to the burden and stresses of caregiving? These are normal experiences for those who are supporting someone with a chronic and debilitating illness.

Caring for your family at home, managing your life outside of the home, and providing care to someone can be a challenge in the best of times. And this balancing act can become more difficult if you and the person you’ve been caring for have been distant prior to the start of your caregiving role. I can help you deal with these challenges and put balance back in your life.

Regardless of the caregiving situation you find yourself in (caring for a spouse, parent or other relative, being the primary caregiver for a friend or neighbour), I will assist you in restoring balance in your life, maintaining your strength and finding some peace and joy even while you continue in your caregiving role.

-Caregiving when the relationship has been or has become difficult
-Separation and divorce
-Grief and loss
-End of life
-Anxiety and depression
-Managing the sexual side of a caregiving relationship.
Maintaining both partners satisfaction
-Working caregivers/”Sandwich generation”
-Parent-child role transitions
-Working with your siblings and other family members
-Family conflict related to caregiving issues
-Understanding issues of consent, capacity and Power of Attorney
-Long-distance caregiving
-Understanding the supports and services you and your partner qualify for (health care system navigation)
- Chronic pain and associated depression