Sex Therapy

Sexuality is a normal and healthy part of everyone’s life. Sometimes however, we run into challenges in our sex lives that can be difficult to navigate. Whether you as an individual are looking to explore and become more comfortable with your own sexuality or you and your partner are trying to strike a balance in your intimate life, talk therapy can be immensely helpful in helping you find new levels of pleasure in your sex life.

My basic philosophies about sex therapy guide my work and will be incorporated into the strategies we come up with.

Any sexual problem can be solved: While at times you might feel like you’re the only one in the world with a certain sexual issue, it’s important for you to know that concerns you’re facing are relatively common and there are many solutions we can look at to make things more satisfying for you.

People become great lovers over time: There is always opportunity to learn and grow when it comes to our sexual health, and sometimes we are held back by experiences from earlier in our lives or myths we have picked up along the way. In sex therapy one size does not fit all and together we can customize a solution that you can feel good about.

Great sex starts with you: In order to satisfy your partner you must first know how to satisfy yourself.  When you know what you want out of your sex life, the next challenge is to communicate your desires and preferences with your partner. Often that’s easier said than done, especially when you and your partner have mismatched libidos. Together we can work on positive anticipation strategies that can help you through some of your most challenging intimate hurdles.

Sex therapy helps you explore the root of the issue and empowers you to take control of your situation, helping you to change your thinking and promote healthier patterns of behaviour.

-Male sexual health issues (premature or delayed ejaculation, erection difficulties, compulsive sexual behaviours/internet addiction)
-Female sexual health issues (difficulties with desire, orgasm, pain during intercourse)
-Recovery from infidelity
-Anxiety and depression that is impacting intimacy
-Distress over disconnect/discrepancy between their partner's interests/preferences
-Sex after illness
-Chronic pain which affects sexuality
**Please note that sex therapy does not include sexual contact between therapist and client.
**Sexual surrogacy services are not part of sex therapy